INTERVIEW: Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Read Kate’s recent interview in Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.
She talks about directing the short film “A Sari for Pallavi

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

I would say be humble. Check your ego at the door. For me it’s all about putting the focus on the other person. If you think about this as a community, how can you connect two people that you know? All of the insecurities about yourself go away because you’re focusing on making someone else better


ROSEHILL is playing at two more festivals!

 *SIDEWALK FILM FESTIVAL (Birmingham, AL, August 30)

“The truly refreshing aspect of Rosehill is that it allows for platonic sensuality between these friends while exploring need and desire in relationships. What evolves is a flowing, heartfelt story of the changing nature of friendships and partnerships as we age and evolve.” 

     *NEW JERSEY FILM FESTIVAL (New Brunswick, NJ, September 11, opening night*)

“Expertly weaving together improvised and scripted scenes, Rosehill is an intimate feature film that delves into the lives of two women.”


ROSEHILL World Premiere – Atlanta Film Festival

It was so wonderful to spend 4 days in Atlanta graciously hosted by the Atlanta Film Festival. Good food, good friends and good films all around! ROSEHILL World Premiere was a success.